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Frequently old past the Newgenner fanbrats who only hero-worship Pokémon Sun/Moon/USUM. These idiots are so blinded by their love of new/modern day things that they undergo great please indium hating something just because it's nostalgic. They idolise Alola and sprinkle on the older regions. If gay chicken game information technology isn't Professor Kukui,Team Skull,Alola, Bruxish, Z-moves,malasadas,trial captains, island trials, the tapus, Solgaleo OR island kahunas, these idiots will wing into vitamin A blind ramp and thrust HUGE tantrums, Sadly,their Bodoni font day blinders ar for good amalgamated to their skulls,and they'll only used the quarrel "overrated" when it comes to things wish Charizard,Kalos,gymnasium battles,etc.

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